Dashing Bear Productions is a full-service video production company. We can cover all aspects from pre-production to post-production so we can help find locations, cast and crew for your project, as well as filming, lighting and editing. We work with a wide range of freelancers, ensuring we are able to cover all varieties of video and film production to suit your needs. 


As well as catering for all videography requirements, we also work closely with marketing agencies, social media specialists, photographers, illustrators, print and signage specialists and web designers that we are are happy to introduce to you, to help with all of your marketing requirements.




Promotional films are the perfect tool when it comes to advertising your product, service, or team; acting as a great way to show off your brand’s personality or your business’ value. At Dashing Bear, we take the time to capture your unique identity.


Take a look at the promotional video we recently produced with Tovi Sorga; showcasing the value of their luxury contactless payment accessories. We have also worked on various school promotional videos for Queen Elizabeth School Barnet and Calton Primary School.



Having a film for your business is a brilliant way to stand out and show your company's personality.  A great B2B or B2C video should see a good return on investment; acting as a solid marketing tool for a good few years.  


At Dashing Bear Productions, we have demonstrable experience producing a range of high quality corporate communication videos designed to have a lasting impact. A clear example of this is the client testimonial we produced with Rosie Reynolds Marketing, which did a great deal to clearly showcase their success in creating the undeniable satisfaction of their clients. 



Animation and Motion Graphics based videos are a great way to get your brand to stand out. They can be bold, playful, and eye-catching; subtle and informative; and they can go beyond reality in a way that inspires and touches audiences. Motion graphics offer a great way to bring together other existing videos and imagery in a way that ensures your videos match the tone, identity, and style of your business.

Both are great mediums for conveying information in a humorous and thought-provoking way. A perfect example of our expertise with animation is the work we did with ‘Muddy Little Boots’.


Here at Dashing Bear Productions we see ourselves as storytellers; and within the charity sector there are so many stories to tell. We will work with you to ensure that your message gets out, whether it's a 'day in the life of' film or a 'service explainer' film.

Over the years we have worked with a wide range of charities: from those supporting people who suffer from terminal illnesses like Hope For Tomorrow & Heart Heroes, to charities that provide educational support such as IT Schools Africa; to charities that benefit local society and wildlife, such as Cotswold Canals Trust & Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust.


Training videos are a great way to show new and existing procedures to staff; ensuring that your whole team is comfortable, confident, and up to speed. We will work with you to ensure that the film is engaging, educational, and fit to serve your objectives. 


These videos can be weaved into an online course as part of e-learning material or used in person through induction events. A key example of a well-produced training video is the film we produced with Insignis; who used our expertise to help train their financial advisors.



Drone Filming is a brilliant way to film from unique angles and provide refreshing dimensions. It can add a considerable amount of production value to an edit: ideal for showing off large environments, stunning architecture, impressive property, or large-scale events. We understand how to incorporate drone footage into an edit that creates a powerful film.  

A great example of effective and impactful drone footage can be seen in the promotional case study we produced with Calton Primary School.


Events and Award films are a great way to capture the atmosphere and impact of the events in a truly memorable way. These films come in many types: event promos and presentation films, live streams, event highlights, award entry videos and nominee films, award show highlights, and nomination/announcement films.

Our team has worked on creating media for large corporate style events and marketing award films that demonstrate our abilities; and these campaigns went on to win various Cannes Lions Awards and MediaWeek awards. These films contained a mixture of animation, scripted voiceover, existing content, and newly filmed content.



Radio and TV adverts are the most traditional forms of advertising still available, but there’s a crucial reason why businesses still use them. This is because both can reach wider audiences due to both mediums retaining huge audiences despite recent shifts to social media.


We have partnered with Sky AdSmart, and after producing your advert  can help can help you to get your advert on tv, and working with Sky AdSmart, help you to get it seen by the most suitable audiences for your brand.

We  can also work with you to script and produce your radio advert and have an understanding of how to get it featured on radio or Spotify.



 Podcasts by Dashing bear productions

Through podcasts, you can keep in touch with your customers, clients, and audiences and give a personal touch to your interactions with them. Rather than focusing on your product or service, these long-form conversation based mediums allow you to create and maintain a public image that will increase your relevance and brand recognition.

Our background in animation and graphic design, from Dorset Moon to Muddy Boots, demonstrates our capacity to house these video podcasts in high-quality graphics that enhance and help spread your brand message.


Producing content for social media that stands out and grabs attention is key. Our team has worked on content for some of the biggest UK brands - so we really know how to stop people from scrolling past. We understand the different platform formats and the best practises for each. 

We will work with you to ensure your video is on brand and memorable, whether it's through filmed content or animation. We love creating social media content that can work organically or through support of a paid promotion to gain more engagement and impressions of your brand. 

Dashing Bear Productions -social media content creation and management - social media marketing

​Our experience also allows us to offer a YouTube Management Service, from initial setup to SEO implementation, and ensuring that the channel stays on brand through thumbnail creation. ​

As well as being experienced content creators, we also have a pool of amazing copywriters and online marketing agencies who can ensure that you get the best results from the videos that we produce for your social media channels.



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