Product Promo

The Brief:


When In Rome, a sustainable wine company based in the Cotswolds, approached us to create a film to increase awareness of their product and promote it. They wanted a video which would include their previous imagery and social media content as they didn't have the budget for a new film. They wanted the film to work across trade shows and social media.  

The Approach:


Knowing that When In Rome wanted to have the film appear at trade shows and work on social media, and also that they wanted to repurpose existing content, we decided to take a bold animated approach that made best use of their existing drone filming, as well as images of the production process, and also their audience own user generated content. We felt that adding relevant text on screen would help tell their story in an attractive way and engaging way - and knew that this method would help the film to stand out on social media, as well as allow it to convey key messages at noisy trade show environments. 

The Results:


The video had huge results for the brand as they sent the video to Philip Schofield who went on to become a brand ambassador and now has his own range of wine with the brand. Sales increased hugely and they have now broken into Finland and have become one of Waitrose’s official partners, used in the trial of Waitrose Unpacked that is now being rolled out nationwide. 



Working with Dashing Bear was both great fun and highly rewarding from a professional perspective. We have a fabulous corporate show reel that has stood the test of time and looks a lot more expensive than it was. Highly recommend Dashing Bear."


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