Product Promo

The Brief:


Tovi Sorga, a contactless jewellery brand, were seeking a half day of filming as they had a model available after a photoshoot and wanted some promotional films made for them. They wanted videos to be used for their social media to include up close video of their products being used in various settings for example home, coffee shops and florists. 

The Approach:


The brand had the main idea they just needed us to facilitate it and they ended up being really impressed with the outcome. This was a more fashion related shoot for us and the focus was more on the storyline of the product and showing how it could be used. 

The Result:


Tovi Sorga was really happy with how the videos turned out and how they accentuated their social media.  


Fantastic team to work with - extremely professional and proactive with a wide range of skills. They really understood what our brand is about and found fresh ways to convey that on screen. We couldn't be happier with the results, or more ready to recommend them "


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