Product Promo / Client Testimonial

The Brief:

Portabar, a mobile bar manufacturer, contacted us after some previous videos they had created didn't work out for them or promote their product. They wanted to create a film which raised awareness of the product and showed how easy it is to set up and the film needed to have a fresh and vibrant feel.  

The Approach:

We suggested that a client testimonial would be the best way to convey their main features, but incorporate a product explainer style within the film to highlight how their product works and also show clients using it. This would enable them to showcase the product's reliability. Neither the owner or the engineers wanted to be on camera as they felt they did not represent the demographic they were aiming to target. By suggesting we use bartenders we felt that we could highlight the products in the correct setting and make it fun and engaging. We also created several social media short films that were created throughout the day and repurposed throughout the edit to provide more context and added value. After this they re-contacted to re-edit a year later to include some of the new services that had been updated. This saved cost by removing the need for another filming day. 

 The Results:

The films we created and the re-edit a year on greatly improved their success with an increase in sales.  


We are absolutely delighted with our video and social media clips. Dashing Bear have been fantastic throughout the project - organising content, the filming and producing the material; nothing has been too much trouble and the whole experience has been wonderful."


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