Meet the team


This is Dave, he is the Head of Productions and founder here at Dashing Bear. He started the company in 2018 and has gone on to create countless videos for our clients across the three years. A huge part of Dave’s inspiration to start creating videos stems from his love of creativity and storytelling, however his dyspraxia meant he found this difficult. Video meant that he was able to tell stories visually. He started out his career as a runner on Saturday Kitchen and went on to work with companies such as BT Sport, John Lewis and Specsavers. His background is in the media industry specialising in producing and editing content for broadcast, social media and internal corporate films. He considers his proudest moment to be working on the London Paralympics.  


This is Jade, she is our Junior Producer. Having studied at the British Film Institute Academy she went on to study Television Production at the University of Gloucestershire and continued on to do a Masters in Filmmaking. Additionally she worked at Lime Pictures for Hollyoaks, and at Sky and ITV News as a runner. As a child Jade used to write and perform stories for friends and family and this developed into a love of writing and a desire to get into Journalism. After starting college this evolved into a love of filmmaking. The film “Room” inspired Jade to get into the Production side of filmmaking and she went on to create her final project, a proud moment for her as it premiered at a cinema where family and friends were able to attend and see her work. 


This is Tom, he is one of our Business Development and Marketing Assistants. After studying at Cardiff University he went on to do his Masters at the University of Edinburgh. His initial plans to pursue a career in academia didn't feel well suited for his creative flair and he found himself drawn to the film advertising and marketing industry which made sense given his love of film and cinema. Additionally he felt he could apply his skills developed throughout University to create content that he is passionate about. One of the key elements that attracted him to work in advertising and marketing was the dynamic nature of the business and its ability to lend itself to creativity and continual learning. Interestingly Tom spent seven months living in Goa as a child and says that throughout his time there he learned a lot and gained some amazing experiences. 


This is Josh, he is our Junior Animator and Graphic Designer. He began studying graphic design at Gloucester College and continued his education at Hereford College of Arts studying Graphic  Media and Design. His main inspiration for going into graphic design stems from his love of music and more specifically his appreciation for album covers, record sleeves and clothing graphics. Some of the most influential album covers he attributes to his passion for design include Anderson Paak Malibu, Phoney Ppl Why iii love the moon and Tame Impala Modern Classic. We’re lucky to have Josh on our team, not only is he a great animator and graphic designer but having been hit by cars twice in his life we know he's a robust team member who can handle whatever life throws at him.  


This is Lexy, she is one of our Business Development and Marketing Assistants. Having graduated from Swansea University within the last year she initially planned to go into Journalism or Publishing. With a deep rooted love of reading books and writing stories from a young age she was drawn to the creative side of the production process and decided to approach the creative element of storytelling from a different angle. One of the main things which drew her to Dashing Bear was the storytelling element, be that within video or marketing. Her passion for storytelling stems from tales her Grandmother used to tell her about her journey from the remote island of St Helena to England at the age of 16. 


This is Dan, he is our Junior Editor. Having been based in the South of England he went to University at the Met Film School to study Practical Filmmaking which led to him working on student films such “Bittersweet” directed by Max Mir which did well on the festival circuit. As well as this he spent some time interviewing on Comedy Cuts which was shown in LA and screened at Pinewood and Raileigh Studios. A lot of his inspiration comes from his love for the Peter Sellers Inspector Clouseau, Pink Panther movies. When asked about a weird or interesting fact Dan told us that as a child he had killer tonsils. We won't say any more, as visual storytellers we like to leave some things to your imagination.