Product Promo / Digital Out of Home

The Brief:


Puttshack, a crazy golf course in London, contacted us after purchasing digital out of home space at Westfield Tube Station. They were expecting the waiting time to be longer, but due to a cancellation on the media space, realised that they needed to come up with an idea that could be produced with speed. As a result, they commissioned us to produce a series of videos that worked across 6 six screens going up and 6 screens going down - creating the feeling as that all combined were one big video. The audience would only see the screens for all of 3 seconds, so they had to be fun and easy to digest.

The Approach:


Per their suggestion and using their branding, we created a flowing series of videos that showed the course of golf balls going in crazy directions. Using some calculations of angles and positioning of the screens, we were able to come up with a set of videos that worked across each screen, in time with the movement of the user on the escalators. We produced two sets of films: the first targeted at families and the second targeted at adults with a late night focus. As added value, we provided social media versions when we finished the films.


Dashing Bear is such a fantastic company to work with. Really professional and detailed with their approach to our brief. They understood and collaborated well on our projects. One very happy client. Would fully recommend using Dashing Bear."


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