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Award Films

Award films come in various shapes and sizes, from award entry videos and nominee films, through to award show highlights. All of these videos can help make a truly memorable award event.

Our team have worked on marketing award films, which show how they have helped a brand carry out a new marketing campaign; these campaigns went on to win various Cannes Lions Awards, and MediaWeek awards. These films contained a mixture of animation, scripted voiceover, existing content, and newly filmed content.


As well as producing award entry films, our team have also produced 'and the nominees are' style films, ensuring that each film has the same look, feel and style across each nominee film package. 

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We have a pool of voiceover artists that we can work with to deliver impressive videos that will stand out to your guests and audience. 


We also understand how to produce award highlight films that can be used post-event that can be used to maintain audience engagement, and also can be used as a marketing tool for the following year. 


As standard with all Dashing Bear Productions films, a Producer will oversee the production of the videos from the start of the project all the way through to project completion, ensuring the videos represent your brand, and are to the highest quality that your budget allows. 

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