About us

Dashing Bear Productions is a friendly, honest, and transparent video production company that make high-quality films and videos which help gain results for our clients. Having moved from London to Gloucestershire in 2018, Dave Ashdown set up Dashing Bear Productions to produce videos and films for south-west businesses to help them grow. We have a wide variety of clients that love working with us.

We pride ourselves on the high standard of our work and want our clients to be excited and proud to share the films that we have produced for them. We never produce films to fit a need in our portfolio, and will never approach a project by jumping straight in with a creative. Instead, we will always take the time to do our research and understand your needs and what you want to achieve. Once we have this insight, and only then, do we think about the creative approach. Ultimately we make films especially for our clients, and this is why you will never see a Dashing Bear Productions logo on a client's film.  

Why work with us?


We approach projects with an open mind and ensure that the videos we produce are engaging visually and audibly. We have the tools at our disposal to take a traditional creative approach and modernise it, or reinvent the wheel entirely. 


We like to work backwards and understand the end goal of the films we produce first. This allows us to ensure that the key messaging is at the core of the film and presented in a relevant way to the target audience.


We pride ourselves on our quality - every film we deliver is made to the highest standard. Our clients are proud to show and share the films that we have produced for them. We work with broadcast spec equipment, and the best freelancers for the job to ensure that the quality is consistent across all of our work.


Our key aim is to produce videos that work for our clients. We like to see that our videos are producing results that benefit our clients either as a single piece of content or as part of a wider marketing strategy.


We are a friendly and professional team. We know that your deadlines are important, and we are proud to say we have never missed a deadline, and believe in offering a reliable service which doesn't compromise quality.

Transparent pricing

We don't have a 'one price fits all' approach. Instead we quote for each job separately as your film is unique. Our fully itemised quotes will allow you to plan and budget for the work.


We like to build a rapport with our clients. A dedicated producer will oversee your project from start to finish and will always be on hand to help throughout the process.


Our team has an extensive range of experience, with varied backgrounds across broadcast TV, corporate communications and marketing.