A message from Dave Ashdown,
Founder of Dashing Bear Productions

Hi there, 

You probably clicked through looking to find the Dashing Bear Productions website, full of amazing films and bear puns. Don't worry, our habit of making amazing films remains unchanged, except that now the puns might be a little more duck related...

After nearly 4 years of trading, and having served many Gloucestershire and Nationwide clients, I'd noticed that there was a huge opportunity to better provide for our clients who, more often that not, needed more than just video: they needed help with their social media, websites, blogs, graphics, logos... the works. In the past, clients had to go to a host of different suppliers to gather all these marketing tools, but we realised that we could offer all the above services through one single company. Realising this, however, meant also realising that the scope of our services now went far beyond the refined, profession focus of Dashing Bear Productions. To respect this focus and secure Dashing Bear's positive reputation, we felt that it was the tight time to go beyond Dashing Bear and properly launch a fully-fledged marketing agency.


This isn't the end of us making amazing films, and Dashing Bear Productions hasn't gone away. The name change and rebranding simply represents our commitment to becoming the best and biggest marketing agency in the county; presenting new opportunities for us to expand our creative potential in a way that helps businesses grow. Dashing Bear will continue its work producing high quality films, but this time as one of many services available to our clients. We're incredibly grateful for all the support we've had over the past three years, and we believe that this new direction will only give us more years working with amazing people. So, without further ado, we'd love to introduce you to...

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